I create videos about the gaming industry on YouTube. My community is tight knit and active. They're interested in science fiction, fantasy and adventure genres with a preference of single-player, third person RPG's. FPS's are also welcome if they have an engaging storyline. In other words, plot is very important. 


I typically cover the development process of a video game, upcoming news or small demos of voice actors. Occasionally, I interview actors. My most recent interviews include: Rhianna DeVries (Life is Strange BTS), Fryda Wolff, Tom Taylorson, Danielle Rayne, and Garret Ross (Mass Effect: Andromeda).

I'm a Ubisoft Starplayer for Beyond Good and Evil 2. I was a project lead to help launch their collaboration with Hitrecord. At E32018, I had the honor of participating in a panel along with the devs to announce this collaboration. I've created music and stingers for the game via mass collaboration for the past two years with the BGE2 and Hitrecord communities worldwide. These assets will be heard in-game.


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