I'm a kidney disease survivor. I'm 3 years post transplant! I hope my experience will inspire you to keep fighting! xoxo, Denisse.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with kidney failure & an unexplained manifestation of chronic kidney disease. I was told that it was likely hereditary and that I had been sick for around 20 years without knowing. My body was slowly deteriorating and no one caught it until it was too late. 

In August of 2015 I received a preemptive kidney transplant that saved my life. Going from diagnosis to an unrelenting search for a kidney donor was an emotional, painful and enlightening experience. Since transplant is not a cure, I still feel like I'm fighting for my life every single day. I have my good days and my bad days. But I remind myself constantly that I fought through my biggest battle and won. Hope exists. I hope my story aids you in some way, shape or form whether you have kidney disease, transplant or someone you love is suffering through this illness. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

So, what did I do after diagnosis? Research. Lots of research. I also chose to tackle my kidney search in an unexpected way. I was inspired by a TED talk given by futurist and game developer, Jane McGonigal. She designed a game called, Super Better. It's meant to build your physical, mental, emotional and social strengths in order to help you achieve an epic goal. Before you begin your kidney campaign, I recommend that you watch this video to learn about the importance of building resilience. 


Jennifer is searching for a live kidney donor.

I've been in contact with Jennifer Miller since I was diagnosed with kidney failure. She helped me throughout diagnosis and transplant by providing extremely useful information and support. She received a kidney transplant around the same time I did. Unfortunately, it has failed. She is in dire need. Please share her story and info. with everyone. To make it easier to share I've created a video that you can post to your social media. You'll find that video below.

If you are interested in becoming her donor fill out this form: tgh.org/livingdonorform

You will need this information: Jennifer Miller, D.O.B 1/05/1990

Blood Type A


Questions about donating? Call Bill!

Phone: 818.844.5664

E-mail: wschwer@tgh.com

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