Noncommerical Projects

Audio on this page can be used on noncommercial and non-monetized YouTube videos, Twitch streams, podcasts and movies without a license.

Do Not Redistribute Audio

You can't redistribute my audio in raw form. It must be merged with a video, livestream or podcast you created.

Attribution Required

You are required to properly attribute the audio you use within you project. Include my full name, title of the track (or full album) website link:

Do Not Alter Audio

You can't alter or remix the audio or claim it as your own. Contact me for clearance.

Commercial Projects

Projects with financial intentions like sales, microtransactions, ad revenue, etc. require a license. E-mail to purchase.

Reels, Shorts & TikToks

You can't use the audio on "remixable" content like TikToks, IG reels or YouTube shorts without written consent.


Examples of Attribution

Example 1: Cyber Security by Denisse Takes,

Ex. 2: Glitch Stingers & Bumpers by Denisse Takes,