Ubisoft Forward Watch Party & Recent Allegations

Before you read this post, for the sake of transparency (if you are not aware) - I am a Ubisoft Star Player. I am not employed by Ubisoft. However, apart from being a Star Player I have created music for Ubisoft in collaboration with Hitrecord. These were paid community collaborations. In short, I am a creator who has access to developers on occasion.

The Ubisoft Forward Watch Party will continue as planned on July 12th, 12PM PST / 9PM CEST on my channel. Any donations made to the stream that day will go toward Black Girls Code. Black Girls Code works to "empower young women of color ages 7-17 to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders + creators".

If by now you aren't aware of the sexual allegations made against certain Ubisoft team members, you will find an article linked here that will brief you on these allegations. Ubisoft's recent statement on this matter can be found here.

First and foremost, I believe the victims. I've been a victim of sexual assault myself however those moments in my life are not tied to the gaming industry. Point blank: I believe predators should be held accountable.

I fully respect Star Players and creators who are not comfortable creating for Ubisoft at this time.

I’ve personally chosen not to boycott Ubisoft. I feel that it may be detrimental to countless devs who have done nothing wrong. I’m basing my choice on past responses from various developers regarding boycotts due to crunch. In those instances they’ve advised not to boycott because it impacts them as well.

I hope Ubisoft does the right thing. We should all remain critical and continue to support efforts made towards effective change. Steps should be taken to ensure the safety of developers as well as the creators and fans who interact with staff members.

I understand if you do not feel comfortable attending the stream. Please do not force yourself to support me if you feel conflicted. I appreciate you regardless.

Wishing safety to you and yours,

Denisse Takes