Musical Collaborations

I'm currently working on songs for the game, Beyond Good and Evil 2 via Hitrecord. All of the songs on this playlist will be heard in-game. Various credits include lyricist, musician, lead vocalist, back-up vocalist, production, concept and composer.


More songs coming soon!

Check out my credits for each individual song!

This playlist contains completed songs for commercial & community projects for Hitrecord Productions.

Check out my credits for each individual song!

I'm included in 7 songs within the Zappos Mixtape. My credits include: lyricist, vocal composition, lead and backup vocalist. These songs will be available on familiar streaming services soon. 


Check out my credits for each individual song!

My credits in the Watch Dogs : Legion x Hitrecord collaboration include backup vocalist & lyricist. I was featured in four songs. All of these songs will be heard in-game.

Check out my credits for each individual song!

I was a backup singer and cast member for Logic's YouTube Originals. This special was an Emmy Finalist for Innovation and was also featured during SXSW.

Old, Rough Experiments

The songs on this playlist are all Hitrecord collaborations. most are pretty rough and should not be judged as final versions. Please keep in mind that I do not upload everything that I work on from Hitrecord.

Credits can be found within the track descriptions.

These solo tracks are fairly old. They are minimal-electronic tunes. Some are instrumentals others include layerd vocals. All are a bit rough.

These are a small selection of songs from my youth.  They were all composed and recorded from 1999 - 2005. Most of these songs were composed when I was 15 all the way to my mid 20's. A couple were collaborative efforts. Nearly all of the music is rough, raw, unedited. Most are acoustic tracks. Some acoustic songs have lead guitar riffs from musician, Dr. Z. Such a Sad Thrill is the only experimental electronic track in the playlist. It was composed in collaboration with musician, Tommy Sanchez aka Damn Octopus. 

I'm not particularly pleased with everything you'll hear. A lot of mistakes were made. Even though there were just a few collaborations, some worked better than others. But they represent pivotal moments in my life and for some reason, people still like them.