recent SOLO WORK

beyond good and evil 2

Credits in track description. Various credits include lyricist, musician, lead vocalist, back-up vocalist, production, concept & composer.


Solo work includes minimal-electronic music with sultry layered vocals.


My credits in this collaboration include backup vocals and lyrics. These songs will be heard in-game.

The songs on this playlist are all hitRECord collabs. Most are pretty rough & should not be judged as final versions. Please keep in mind I do not upload everything I work on from hitRECord. 

Credits can be found within the track description on Soundcloud.


"With it's foundation in the trip hop style" Surround me Now "manages to bring something new to the game; the slow, rhythmic intensity underpinned by loops of ominous beauty and almost tribal drums to deliver a track that is more cinema noir than blockbuster." - Analogue Trash

"Surround Me Now, which my favorite pick of the four - leaves the listener sensing they are drifting through the interstellar cloud of a Nebula." - Emerging Indie Bands

OLD MUSIC 1999 - 2005

Most of the music I composed when I was 15 to my mid twenties (as well as a couple of collaborative efforts) can be found at Reverbnation as free downloads. Nearly all of the music is acoustic, rough, raw and unedited barring the song called Such a Sad Thrill which was composed in collaboration with musician, Tommy Sanchez aka Damn Octopus. Keep in mind that what's on Reverbnation is just a small selection of what I recorded back in those days.

I'm not particularly pleased with everything you'll hear from back in the day. You'll recognize a collab if it has the other's artist's name on the track. Dr. Z's contributions include a 2nd guitar with flourishes, etc with the rhythm guitar, vocals composition & lyrics being written by me. Some collaborations specifically have a LOT of flaws. But they represent pivotal moments in my life. Click on the picture to the left to be
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