Singer: $200, starting price per song. See terms.
Contact for a quote for your specific project.

Songwriter (lyrics): Contact for quote. Currently not available for instrumental work.

Topliner (melody): Contact for quote.

GENRES: I've written for rock, alternative rock, contemporary, singer-songwriter (folk), hip hop, world and some EDM.

GEAR: EV-RE20, Focusrite 2i2, VOMO recording booth supported with Auralex Studiofoam DST-114.

INSTRUMENTALS: I'm currently only accepting short form instrumental work for electronic downtempo tunes. Open to long form tracks only for video games.

FYI: I'm a transplant recipient. Due to the pandemic I can only record from home at this time.



  • My fees for lyrics, topline and/or singing are per song up to 4 minutes in length.

  • Send me the track, BPM and lyric sheet, recorded vocal guide (whatever the specific project requires)

  • Full payment upfront. Dry vocal stems will be delivered once funds are released. I can recommend an engineer to continue working with you after that.

  • Turn-around time is 5 to10 business days depending on workload.

  • Do not list or promote recordings under my name unless I say otherwise.

  • I retain my publishing rights for co-writes that aren't specifically for video games. Ownership/publishing rights for what I write: (25% for hooks, 50% top line (melody / lyrics / full song) / 25% edits and additions)

  • Buyouts to be discussed per project.

  • Terms may differ if releasing on accredited label.

  • No free samples. No refunds. First revision is free. I charge for each additional revision.

Contact me for a quote and current availability.