Denisse Takes is a bilingual, Dominican singer-songwriter living in Los Angeles, California. She's credited as a multi-genre singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, sound designer and arranger in productions for Ubisoft (Watch Dogs Legion and Beyond Good and Evil 2), Zappos, Jessica Alba and more. A lyricist at heart, her goal is to create experiences that evoke introspection and an appreciation for diversity.

Denisse has pursued music her entire life. Kidney failure almost caused her to lose hold of that dream. Today she is 6 years post transplant and racking up credits thanks to opportunities from companies like Ubisoft and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Hitrecord.



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Give it a Try
Lyrics, Vocals, Topline melody
Music, Mixed and Mastered by iD3

Off the Wall
Produced beat for podcast intro

Mixed and Mastered by
Jeff Sudakin

Jessica Alba's ASMR You Scared of the Dark
Sound design for The Hallway (EP2 Falling), Night Night (Nightmares), Like Old Chalk (EP3), Vines are Growing in my Room (Finale - Can't Scream, Run or Move)

Watch Dogs Legion

  • Unite and Conquer - Co-writer for chorus lyrics. Revision to first verse.

  • Over my Shoulder - backup vocals

  • Welcome to the Revolution - backup vocals

  • Rise for War - backup vocals

  • Awaken the Anarchy - backup vocals

Beyond Good and Evil 2
First Production

  • Unite Us: concept (music and vocals), composer, producer, musician, lyrics, vocal composition + arrangement, lead + backup vocals (world fusion)

  • Fantasy: lead vocals + vocal composition, partial lyrics for english verses (excluding rap) (hip hop)

  • Pirate Riot:  lyrics + vocal composition for verses, lead vocals for 1st verse, backup vocals for chorus. (alt rock, rock)

  • Onwards: lyrics, lead vocals + vocal composition for spanish verse, backup vocals, spoken word (pop, alt rock)

  • Shankara: lead vocals + vocal composition for 1 verse, backup vocals, partial lyrics (world fusion)

  • Temple Sounds: backup vocals (deep voice) (world fusion)

  • The Debaucherist: backup vocals (alt rock)

  • Acapella stinger: backup vocals (radio stinger)

  • Blessings of Ganesha: backup vocals (world fusion)

Beyond Good and Evil 2
Second Production

  • Soma's Shade: concept, lyrics + vocal composition for all (english) female vocals, small lyrical alterations to chorus, lead vocals for (sung/english) female verses, backup vocals for chorus.

  • Bang Bang: lyrics, lead vocals + vocal composition for last rap verse

  • Light That Shit Up: concept, lyrics + vocal composition for three verses and chorus, female vocals and voice acting towards end

  • Good Villains: lyrics + lead vocals + vocal composition for last verse, backup vocals for english hook

  • Hybrid for Life: lead vocal melody + performance for small break

  • Dance Dance: minor chorus revisions/backing vocals

  • We'll Fight: backing vocals

Zappos Mixtape - Sundance

  • Late Bloomer: lead vocals, lyrics and vocal melody for female verses + prechorus, vocal arrangement/production

  • Spacewalk: concept, lead vocals in two verses, backup vocals, lyrics for one verse + chorus, vocal arrangement

  • Move your Feet: lead vocal + lyrics + vocal melody for Spanish section

  • The Hedgehog: lead vocals + vocal melody + lyrics for small portion of song.

  • Light as a Feather: partial lyrics for chorus

  • This is Not a Waltz: backup vocals

  • Now You Know: backup vocals


Hitrecord Mixtape
Beautiful - concept, producer, lyrics + vocal composition for first verse, chorus and bridge, backup vocals