Sound Design // 

  • Jessica Alba's ASMR You Scared of the Dark, Episode 2  - WATCH NOW!

Beyond Good and Evil 2 // Video Game

First Production

  • Unite Us: concept, composer (music and vocals), musician, lyrics, lead vocals + vocal composition (chorus), vocal composition for verses, backup vocals, producer

  • Fantasy: lead vocals + vocal composition, partial lyrics for english verses (excluding rap)

  • Pirate Riot:  lyrics+ vocal composition for verses, lead vocals for 1st verse, backup vocals for chorus.

  • Onwards: lyrics, lead vocals + vocal composition for spanish verse, backup vocals, spoken word

  • Shankara: lead vocals + vocal composition for 1 verse, backup vocals, partial lyrics

  • Temple Sounds: backup vocals (deep voice)

  • The Debaucherist: backup vocals

  • Acapella stinger: backup vocals

Second Production (these songs have not been released yet)

  • Soma's Shade: concept, lyrics + vocal composition for all female vocals, small lyrical alterations to chorus, lead vocals for female verses (english), backup vocals for chorus.

  • Bang Bang: lyrics, lead vocals + vocal composition for last rap verse

  • Light That Shit Up: concept, lyrics + vocal composition for three verses, chorus, female vocals + voice acting

  • Good Villains: lyrics + lead vocals + vocal composition for last verse, backup vocals for english hook 

  • Hybrid for Life: lead vocal melody + performance for small break

  • Dance Dance: chorus lyrics arrangement/revision 

  • We'll Fight: backup vocals (spanish line)

Watch Dogs Legion // Video Game

  • Unite and Conquer: lyrics for chorus and a few changes within verse 1. Backup vocalist in bridge (deep voice)

  • Over my Shoulder: backup vocals

  • Welcome to the Revolution: backup vocals

  • Rise for War: backup vocals

  • Awaken the Anarchy: backup vocals

Band Together with Logic // YouTube Special

  • Emmy Finalist for Innovation, Band Together special: cast in music video & special

  • Do What You Love song: Backup vocals 

Zappos Mixtape // Sundance

  • Late Bloomer: lead vocals, lyrics and vocal melody for female verses + prechorus, vocal arrangement/production

  • Spacewalk: concept, lead vocals in two verses, backup vocals, lyrics for one verse + chorus, vocal arrangement

  • Move your Feet: lead vocal + lyrics + vocal melody for Spanish section

  • The Hedgehog: lead vocals + vocal melody + lyrics for small portion of song.

  • Light as a Feather: partial lyrics for chorus

  • This is Not a Waltz: backup vocals

  • Now You Know: backup vocals

Hitrecord Mixtape // Spotify and iTunes

  • The Show: lead vocals, lyrics, vocal composition, producer

  • Beautiful: concept, producer, lyrics (verse 1 + prechorus + chorus), vocal composition (verse 1 + prechorus + chorus), backup vocals (chorus).


Voice Acting // Animation, Video Games, Commercial and Phone Systems

Hire me via Bunny Studio​

  • Monsters vs Fractions, Episode 2 (video game) - Arakna

  • Project Inceptum (animated short) - Siri 

  • CORE Institute Specialty Hospital (phone systems)

  • LorMet Community Federal Credit Union Spot

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