If you're looking for a unique, sultry voice to enhance your work - look no further. I have a lower range than most female singers and can bend my voice to sound like a completely different vocalist. I can write a catchy melody or create something a bit more profound and eclectic. Genre is not a limitation.


  • My fees are per song up to 4 minutes in length.

  • Send me the track, BPM, lyric sheet, recorded vocal guide (whatever the specific project requires).

  • 50% payment upfront. 50% payment upon delivery. Dry stems will be delivered once funds are released. Wet stems can be outsourced for an additional $100. Alternatively, I can recommend an engineer.

  • Turn-around time is 5 to 10 business days depending on workload.

  • Do not list or promote recordings under my name unless I say otherwise.

  • For co-writes that are not specifically for video game music: I retain my publishing rights via BMI. Ownership/publishing rights for what I write: (25% for hooks / 50% top line / 20% edits and additions).

  • Buyouts can be discussed per project.

  • No free samples.

  • Terms may differ if releasing on accredited label.

  • No refunds. First revision is free. I charge for each additional revision.

Once you accept a project you accept all of the terms noted above.


Genres: Open to working with any genre. Familiar with chill, folk/acoustic, hip hop, latin, rock, singer-songwriter, world

Gear: Electro-Voice RE20 mic, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface, Waveform Tracktion

Singer-Songwriter Reel 2020

LYRICS: Contact for pricing


TOP LINE WRITER (Vocal Melody): Contact for pricing











Hire me via Bunny Studio

I'm currently taking young adult female & middle-aged female roles via Voice Bunny. I typically take commercial or narrative work but I'm open to anything. If you need a female child voice please specify this to the booking agent when you mention my name. Fluent in English and Spanish (neutral Spanish).

~5 words: 17 USD
~50 words: 50 USD
~500 words: 300 USD

~5,000 words: 2,100 USD
~50,000 words: 14,000 USD

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