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I was born in Dominican, Republic and emigrated to the United States as a child. I've been singing my little heart out in spanish and english even before I landed here.

Music has always been my haven. I've pursed it with passion throughout my entire life. I started writing lyrics in middle school and released my first demo at the age of 15. Shortly after I was approached by BMI and offered a record deal by a subsidiary label. As tempting as the offer was - I declined it. I was too young and didn't want to get stuck in one specific genre of music.

For a good while I performed in venues in Miami, Orlando and Los Angeles. But eventually I had to pause all creative pursuits due to severe exhaustion and mental fog. Years later I discovered that my kidneys were failing. The cause of my kidney failure was never found.

On August 12, 2015 I received a kidney transplant via UCLA's kidney exchange program. My husband donated one of his kidneys to a stranger and I received one in return. I was finally able to work on music again once I recovered from surgery. This is when my adventure with Ubisoft began.

I'm incredibly grateful for my second chance at life. I don't intend to waste it. Sending tons of love to everyone who supported me throughout the years. I appreciate you all so much more than you know.


Welcome to my site! If you're here you likely already know a bit about me. But just in case:

I'm a bilingual singer/songwriter, voice actor and gaming content creator. I've worked as a producer, arranger, singer-songwriter and topline writer for a variety of tracks throughout the years including some featured in two 
video games by Ubisoft: Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Watch Dogs Legion. I've also written songs for Zappos and sung backup vocals for the rapper Logic. I most recently worked on the sound design for Jessica Alba's ASMR You Scared of the Dark series. View additional credits here. 

Video games are an important part of my life. I was honored to help Ubisoft launch their collaboration with Hitrecord at E32018. This opportunity arised due to my coverage of Beyond Good and Evil 2 via YouTube. I'm unable to talk about anything else due to NDA but I can at least say that I'm also part of Ubisoft's Star Player program.

I'm still quite new to the voice acting world but have been lucky enough to land a few uncredited commercial, animation and phone system gigs.


A super secret collaboration!

I'm no longer available to work on projects via Hitrecord. If you're interested in working together you can hire me.

I've slowly been releasing some DMCA Free stingers and bumpers for Twitch and YouTube creators. I'd recommend using these via Streamlabs OBS. The Glitch Stinger pack so far seems to be a favorite. More stingers and full tracks will be made available in the future to my Twitch subscribers.


I've been working as a Technical Advisor for the past ten years for a production rental company in Burbank, CA. We focus on the needs of short term productions like commercials, promos and music videos. 

Before that I worked in production - mostly for Disney, ABC and Lifetime. I also have experience in Human Resources and other clerical work.