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Singer-Songwriter Reel // 2020

My singing reel contains a few raw and wet samples in English and Spanish. It's also essentially a songwriting sample as I wrote the lyrics and melodies that are featured in this reel. I produced and composed some of these songs and was also a musician on a few of them. More detailed information can be found in the credits page.

G4Dropmas Unboxing // I Won a Console!

Virtual Boy acquired. Am I cool yet? Go check ou the surprise on my face when I unboxed this bad boy! Massive thanks to G4TV for this wonderful surprise.

Jessica Alba's // ASMR You Scared of the Dark?

I had the pleasure of working on the sound design for Jessica Alba's ASMR You Scared of the Dark series. You can find my work in Episode 2, 3 and the most recent episode featured here.

Hitrecord // Community Spotlight feat. Princess Lettuce and Denisse Takes

I'm incredibly honored to be part of the Hitrecord Community Spotlight. It means even more to me that I was spotlighted by someone I care about, admire and respect. In case you didn't know, Princess Lettuce and I have worked on a lot of songs together including some that you've heard in Watch Dogs Legion and some that you will hear in Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Being part of the Hitrecord community has enriched my life in many ways. Creative growth and opportunity are always in reach. But this...this is why I love it so much. Love you Princess Lettuce! Thank you. The feeling is mutual.

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