Singer-Songwriter, Content Creator

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I'm a Dominican, Italian-American singer-songwriter, gaming content creator and BGE2 Ubisoft Starplayer. I am also currently a part of the INI feedback program for Beyond Good and Evil 2.

I started composing music at the age of 16 and have been singing since I was a child. I've performed at various venues in Florida and Los Angeles including Tangier, Hotel Cafe & The Cat Club to name a few. Although my last bit of solo work consists of minimal electronic music, I also collaborate with other musicians in a wide variety of genres. 

Music has been an incredibly important part of my life. But it hasn't been something that I've always been able to fully pursue due to kidney disease and kidney failure
With time, determination, the complete selflessness of strangers & my wonderful husband - I received a transplant on August 12, 2015. Thanks to this life saving gift I'm able to perform, compose and dream again. I've got one life to live and I am extremely fortunate to be able to do what I want with it. And baby, I'm gonna sing!




      - Late Bloomer: lead vocals, lyrics and vocal melody for female verses + prechorus, vocal arrangement

      - Spacewalk: concept, lead vocals in 2 verses, backup vocals, lyrics for 1 verse + chorus, vocal arrangement

      - Move Your Feet: lead vocal + lyrics + vocal melody for Spanish section

      - The Hedgehog (kids song): lead vocals, vocal melody + lyrics for small portion of song

      - Light as a Feather: lyrics for chorus

      - This is Not a Waltz: backup vocals

      - Now You Know: backup vocals

      - Unite Us: concept, composer, musician, lyrics, vocal composition, lead vocals (chorus), backup vocals, production

      - Fantasy: lead vocals + vocal composition, partial lyrics for the english verses (not including the rapping).

      - Pirate Riot: lyrics, lead vocal and vocal composition for verses, backup vocals for chorus

      - Onwards: lyrics and lead vocals for spanish verses, backup vocals, spoken word

      - Shankara: lead vocals, backup vocals, partial lyrics

      - Temple Sounds: backup vocals (deep voice)

      - Blessings of Ganesha: backup vocals (deep voice)

      - The Debaucherist: backup vocals

      - Soma's Shade: currently in production

      - Bang Bang: currently in production

      - Light That Shit Up: concept, lyrics for 2 verses and chorus (currently in production)

      - Good Villains: lyrics and vocals for last verse (currently in production)

      - Acapella stinger: backup vocals

      - Unite and Conquer: lyrics for the chorus and a few changes within verse 1, backup vocalist during bridge (deep voice).

      - Over My Shoulder: backup vocals

      - Welcome to The Revolution: backup vocals

      - Rise for War: backup vocals

      - Awaken the Anarchy: backup vocals

  • Project Inceptum (animated short) - voice of Siri, currently in development

  • Ongoing voiceover artist for the company Voice Bunny

  • Old solo work can be found within the 'Music' category.


Beyond creative works I have experience in production (commercials, promo, music video) as well as IT & HR. 


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