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Singer-Songwriter Reel // 2020

My singing reel contains a few raw and wet samples in English and Spanish. It's also essentially a songwriting sample as I wrote the lyrics and melodies that are featured in this reel. I produced and composed some of these songs and was also a musician on a few of them. More detailed information can be found in the credits page.

Control // Hitrecord Collaboration

I contributed some vocals and lyrics for a rap section in a beautiful Hitrecord project called Control. This project is led by FoxandMew and NazH.

We need YOUR voice now. Read the names of victims of police brutality.

Be part of the music video for Control: https://bit.ly/35BAb0U

Production Edit: https://bit.ly/34zAdY3


Jessica Alba's // ASMR You Scared of the Dark EP3

I had the pleasure of working on the sound design for Jessica Alba's ASMR Halloween Special. So many amazing artists are featured in this episode including 

writer Jason Grobstitch. Big thanks to Jessica, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Hitrecord

for this opportunity.

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